Crimson App Calendar with Google or Apple Calendars

Can I sync more than one calendar?

You are able to sync 1 Google and 1 Apple Calendar with your Crimson App Calendar at the same time.


Can I change the name of Crimson App bookings in my external Calendar?

Don’t change the name of bookings that appear in your external calendars from your Crimson app calendar, this will stop them syncing.


How will I know if my Crimson App booking is confirmed?

The booking status will not be visible in your external calendar as they will all be treated as confirmed, you will need to check your Crimson App for the actual booking status.


Can I sync multiple Crimson app accounts with my external calendar?

Don’t bind multiple Crimson app accounts with one external account, they will override each other


My bookings don't seem to be appearing correctly.

Always double check bookings between calendars as they sync is not 100% guaranteed - if calendars become out of sync, unbind and sync again.

If timezones appear out of sync, refresh the page

Changes to either calendar may take up to 15 mins to appear


How far in advance or in the past can I sync?

Only bookings within the last month and future bookings will be synced

You will not be able to see more than 6 months into the future with synced bookings


The sync seems to be taking too long.

the initial ‘bind account’ operation will take some time(more than 20s), it’s proportional to the events you have on google/apple calendar. 

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