Messaging on the Crimson app

This will be the one place you can talk to your Crimson team for things like quick questions, session prep or to clarify session tasks. You can talk to your team one on one or all together using group chat.

Messaging Guidelines:

We expect it to be used by students and and the Crimson team when a simple response is required. This includes:

  • Session prep or reminders to complete tasks
  • Booking confirmations or session reminders
  • To clarify simple tasks after a session
  • Reminders of upcoming deadlines
  • Changing or rescheduling of sessions

We want Crimson app messaging to be the first option you use to talk to your Crimson team. Use email when you are including your parent or caregiver or need a detailed response. Students and their Crimson team should respond to each other within 48 hours.

Other Platforms: 

Please don’t use other platforms such as WhatsApp with your Crimson team. Messaging works the same as other apps so it’s super easy to use. 

Messaging on mobile: 

We’re also working on a mobile version of the Crimson app that will be coming later in the year.

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