Capturing your Grades

Capturing your grades will help provide additional information for your team in order to provide strategic plans and guidances to utilising your services and directing you towards your goals.

Please note: The Grades feature is for final results only.

To capture your Grades follow the following steps:

1. Click on Grades, which is available on the left hand menu


2. Click on 'Add new grade' in the top left 


3. Start to search for the curriculum / subject that you would like to add a grade for


4. Select the correct curriculum / subject, the pop up will now pre-populate with the required fields to complete


5. Fill in all of the fields and select 'Add grade'

6. A table will now appear on the page, click on the curriculum you have just entered to see the saved grades.


Editing exisiting Grades

1. To edit or remove an existing grade, click on the curriculum you would like to edit / delete.

2. To delete the entire entry, click on 'Delete table'. A pop up will appear, simply confirm that this action is correct and it will remove the entry.

3. To edit a grade entry, click on the specific subject within the curriculum, this will open up the ability to edit the entries. Edit the entry within this popup. 

4. Once you are comfortable with the changes, remember to hit 'Save'. 




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