Why the Crimson app?

The Crimson app is the learning management platform that Crimson Education has developed to enhance the learning experience of all of our students.



Below are seven ways to best utilise the Crimson app:

1. Easily track the number of hours you have used as part of your Crimson package:



2. Allows you to easily book or confirm sessions with your tutors, mentors, consultants, strategists & education coordinators:


3. Provide confidential feedback to Crimson about every session you've had with your tutors, mentors or consultants:



4. Accept up coming sessions and confirm they took place:

Students are asked to both accept an invitation to have a session via the Crimson app, confirmed it took place, and provide feedback on how it went. Both are important as it ensures:

  • That we are recording the right sessions that went ahead
  • We accurately recording the length of each session - this ensures you are using all of your hours purchased with Crimson
  • That you are providing us with real time feedback on how a session with your Crimson team went (this feedback is vital to ensuring you are getting the best possible experience with Crimson).


5. You can book sessions directly with your Crimson team when you want additional tutoring or a catch up meeting with your education coordinator:




6. Easily share resources with your Crimson team:




7. Get to know your tutors, mentor and consultants by having access to their bio, education history, expertise and what extra-curricular activities they are involved in:








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